A Bejeweled Birthday

Wednesday was my 22nd birthday. I celebrated simply with a tour of local antique shops and dinner out. Dinner was lovely and my tour proved very fruitful as I found a few wonderful items. I found a lovely vintage sweater, cream, with a rhinestone crown details on the upper left lapel and a black veiled hat adorned with a delicate silver bow. I was also lucky enough to find a silver locket which I have been searching for, admittedly not very hard, for some time now. The locket is rather large and currently awaiting a few good vintage photographs to fill it's interior.
The second stop on my tour yielded a wonderful vintage ring like none I had ever seen before. The woman at the shop cautioned, as she removed the ring from the case, that the ring was very small and that many had tried it on to be disappointed. The ring fit perfectly on my ring finger. The stone is a lovely briolette cut citrine with a sterling silver setting. 

In addition to the treasures I found on my travels I also received a few bejeweled items as gifts. 
My "new" gold and enamel pin with a beautiful blue stone in the center and faux rhinestone bracelet.

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