Bolton's Black and White

Today's outfit is one of my favorites. The dress is yet again an item I was so lucky to get from Mrs. Bolton's house (see her tale in yesterday's post). Unlike the blue ensemble, this dress is not handmade. The dress is simple, made of two parts: a white center panel, embroidered with black swirling flowers, surrounded by black fabric that composes the rest of the dress. A strip of black buttons runs down the front of the dress, some functional and others merely decorative. There is also a black section around the waist that was intended for a belt, which I do not have, nor do I provide my own. The dress does have some damage, the material appears to have some runs in it, most noticeable in the white part of the dress. The dress also has some of the usual stains around the collar and is in need of a good pressing, I suppose a trip to the cleaners is necessary. With this dress I wore my Grandma Ellen's gold pin from Spain and a black pair of shoes that I picked up from payless last year. 

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