Scallops and Straps

Today I am wearing grey strap trousers from Vivian of Holloway which have a darling little pocket at the hip. I paired the trousers with a delicate pink vintage top from Mrs. Bolton's. I finally got the trousers dry cleaned as they had salt stains along the bottom from winter. These are fantastic pants and I am so glad to wear them again, they fit like a glove! I find that it is hard to find a good top to go with these trousers as some tops look awkward with the straps. The blouse is so sweet, it has a scalloped neckline and a band of ruching that runs just below the scallops. The blouse is semi-shear and has white buttons that run down the back. As for shoes I wore men's wear inspired patent spectator pumps that I picked up at Shoe Department for a very, very low price. 

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