Fascinated Again

I put together another fascinator after having finally found pheasant feathers at a craft store in the city. I followed the same procedure as last time covering plastic canvas with white satin and applying the feathers. This time, just as last time, I used the black and white speckled guinea feathers and of course peacock feathers but I also used the new pheasant pad of feathers I purchased and some black ostrich feathers too. To finish it all off I fixed a few pearl beads to the peacock and guinea feathers and once again attached the entire piece to a headband.

No two feathers are alike and unfortunately the ostrich feather on the one side of the piece is a bit more sparse than the one on the other side so the white satin base is visible. I would also like to find a better way to fix the fascinator in my hair as I dislike headbands. Unfortunately the headband seems to be the most stable way to wear these pieces. I know that if I were to use a comb or clip to wear the fascinator, I'd constantly be adjusting it or chasing after it as soon as I encountered a gust of wind. 
Over all I like the simplicity of this piece, the colors of the pheasant feathers almost clash with the peacock feather but I think it makes this piece more interesting. The peacock feather itself is positioned as if it is sprouting from the guinea feathers and the pearls while the ostrich feathers act as fringe around the pheasant pad. 
I am looking forward to making more fascinators, they are so glamorous! I do believe I am going to have to order feathers online as craft stores, even in the city, seem to have a limited variety of feathers.

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