Fascinated by Fascinators

I studied in Oxford, England this summer and every Thursday we would have a formal banquet. After a little shopping in the local stores I began to notice these darling little feather hair pieces and just had to have one to wear for the formal banquet. These hairpieces came in all shapes and sizes and utilized all sorts of feathers and most had a vintage quality to them, which was what first attracted me to them. After I bought one I had to have another, but sadly they were rather expensive. When I came back to the States I started to think about making my own. I also learned that these darling feathered things were called fascinators. Tonight I decided to whip one up. Here is how:

First I acquired the necessary supplies. One 6" circular piece of plastic canvas, one cheap metal headband and various feathers. I also already had gold fabric from a previous project and the all important glue gun. I started with the plastic canvas which I slit on one side, almost to the center.

Next I rather clumsily shaped the plastic canvas into an egg shape and then overlapped the portions on either side of my cut until the shaped formed by the canvas would nicely cup my head. I then glued the canvas so it would stay in this shape. Before starting this project I did not consider that the plastic canvas would be visible through the feathers so I quickly found some gold fabric I had used to make pillows from last year. I used the fabric to cover the plastic canvas, top and bottom, the best I could. 
Next I began to glue feathers onto the top of the form. I started with the little black and white feathers and then added the peacock feathers and filled in where necessary. After I was satisfied with my feather placement, which took some time, I positioned the headband inside the fascinator and secured it with hot glue. I then took some of my remaining gold fabric and covered up the hot glue that I had used to secure the headband. 

My result was this. I am quite pleased with it! I love peacock feathers and will be very proud to wear this creation of mine! You can see a little of the gold fabric but I think it looks nice with the peacock feathers. Next I would like to work with pheasant feathers as I feel they will complement my hair color. 

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