Ink Nouveau

Peacock feathers have always fascinated me, I decorate with them, I wear them and essentially, I love them. For about a year I have been considering getting a peacock feather tattoo on the the hip opposite my first tattoo. After getting my first tattoo reworked I decided to move forward with this idea. The design I decided on was rather abstract and a combination of two semi art nouveau designs.

I really like the swirls and curls of the design above but prefer the more traditional rounded center of the design below. My main dilemma, after deciding the design, was to make the feather black and white, like my first tattoo or to make it colored, as a peacock feather should be.

My tattoo artist incorporated the two designs that I had shown him and encouraged the color, claiming that he could see the black and white and color working together well. I had admired his color work in the past and agreed to coloring the design abstractly and not in the fashion a peacock feather is traditionally colored. 
The result, I think, is beautiful. The colors, mainly blues and greens, are so gorgeous and well saturated and the design is exactly what I had imagined. The piece is everything that I have wanted all along in a tattoo and makes me feel as proud as a peacock! Finally a tattoo the allows me to embody the spirit of the tattooed lady, unfortunately it makes my first tattoo look even more sinister, something will have to be done.

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