When I find myself single again I always start to consider why I find myself this way so often and why I have such a hard time meeting people to begin with. This time I asked a friend to identify what is wrong with me and her response was simple, my style. Perhaps it makes me unapproachable, perhaps it makes me unattractive, perhaps it makes me look dowdy and boring, or just plain weird? I'm not entirely sure why, but she is positive that my style, my mode of dress, makes me unappealing to men, thus explaining why I find it so hard to meet them. Her response has sent me on a determined search for men with similar interests, that would appreciate my style and perhaps share my vintage sensibilities, which proves to be a relatively impossible task in this place and time. Perhaps, if I ever found a person with such appreciations and interests, things still wouldn't work out and perhaps, it is not my style after all, it is just me. 

Compatibility in fashion does not ensure compatibility in love, another lesson learned from Daria. Season 5, episode 9- "Life in the Past Lane"

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