Thrift: Blue Shoes

This isn't the first time this has happened, I've wanted something specific, hesitated to buy it and been rewarded at a local thrift store with a comparable item. Last post I mentioned wanting a pair of blue peep toe shoes from ModCloth and had in fact convinced myself to buy them, I just hadn't gotten around to it yet. So, yesterday I made a quick stop at my favorite Salvation Army and found these blue Bandolino peep toes for $1.99.

These shoes are unmistakably '80's style footwear but fortunately the 1980's seems to have experienced a short infatuation with 1940's fashion. The peep toe style generally lends itself to the 1940's silhouette and I personally find that the fan accents make these shoes very appealing.

I have such a hard time finding vintage shoes that fit and I am always pleased to find funky, interesting or vintage shoes that I can squeeze my feet into. These are a 7 1/2 and I generally cannot fit into anything into smaller than an 8. Fortunately the peep toe accommodates my feet, both my little left one and my big right one- my feet are very different in size!

After doing a little poking around online I was able to find this.

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