The Danforth House

I've always loved old homes and two years ago, when I was looking for a new place to call home, I found the Danforth House. For those who have been following this blog, you may have noticed the backdrop for many of my pictures are on the porch and landing of an old house and also in front of a white fireplace, the porch, landing and fireplace of the Danforth house and my former apartment. 
The Danforth house was built in the late 1880's and remodeled into apartments in the 1920's. What is wonderful and unique about this massive house/apartment building is that it could easily be transformed back into a single family home. Each apartment in the house is made out of the rooms of the mansion. Many of the apartments on the first floor of the house are in the study, the dining room, the parlor and the kitchen of the house making some apartments quite small while others are massive with stained glass windows and the original built in china cabinets. One thing you can be certain of in the Danforth House is a fireplace and charming architectural details in every room. My apartment, which was a studio, was on the second floor of the house, in what was one of the house's many bedrooms. The room was oddly shaped, with a bay window opposed by the fireplace that were both at an angle. The bathroom was fully tiled and immense, complete with a built in marble topped window ledge, which I used as a make-up table, and the original claw and ball foot tub. 
One thing I most regret is not taking more photographs of my apartment while living there. I have often toured old houses that look like the Danforth House and up until two years ago I never dreamed that I could actually live in such a house. Below is a slideshow of the few pictures I do have of the amazing Danforth House. 

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