Independence Day

Finally, after about a week of rain, the sun has decided to shine in Upstate New York and just in time for the picnics and fireworks that the fourth usually brings. Sure it is only 66 degrees and mighty windy but the fourth is notorious for having miserable weather in these parts so we'll take it! 
In honor of the holiday I have decided to dress rather patriotically, well, at least in the appropriate colors. Since today's outfit is vintage inspired rather than vintage I am not going to do a full closet entry. However, vintage or not, I am pretty darn proud of what I managed to pull together today and thus a description of this outfit is worthy of being posted here. 
Last year, around February, I began to get bored with my wardrobe and started visiting my local thrift store weekly. From this time comes this strange little jacket I am wearing today. I estimate it is a piece from the 1970's as it had a little polyester dress that I had to purchase in order to get the jacket. Although it does not button, the jacket has two rows of gold crested buttons down the front of it. What makes it rather darling is the slight puff it has at the shoulder, which is enhanced by some good old shoulder pads.  Under the jacket I am wearing my standard white shirt from Mrs. Bolton which has ruffles down the front and flower details that run along the buttons. 
On my bottom half absolutely nothing is vintage! For a touch of color I am wearing a pair of red soft leather mary janes with rhinestone buckles and a pair of cuffed denim capris that have a vintage feel to them. 
I topped the whole look off with an antique flag pin, which you can barely make out in the photograph above, and a blue and red argyle tie that I have used as a headband. I learned long ago, when I had dreadlocks, that ties make the most wonderful hair adornments. Nothing too glamorous but very interesting looking nonetheless. 
What you, faithful readers, may have noticed is my new do! After sporting the same hairstyle for quite a few years now, I decided to do something rather drastic for me, fringe! I am not entirely sure it suits me yet but I am still playing around with styling my new hair and still trying to find what looks good on me. One thing I do think is the fringe makes me look my age rather than making me look much older as I feel my past style did. I am quite certain that my hair struggles and successes will be the subject of many future posts. 

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