Finds: Grey Hat

I love hats and I am always exited to find new ones. Yesterday I picked up this wonderful grey hat a new antique shop I discovered near my parents' house. 

The hat is a soft grey felt with a jaunty cluster of feathers and a ribbon that fall on the right side of the hat. According to the stamp inside the hat, this is a Geo. W. Bollman hat. After a quick search I found that Bollman has been making hats for over 140 years. The company also seems to have a claim on "Doeskin" felt as many ladies hats from the 1940's were made from this felt and by this company.

The shape of this hat reminds me of a more feminine version of a men's ivy cap, a look that I really adore. I can't wait for cooler weather so I can pair this wonderful hat with a cable knit sweater or a grey tweed jacket!

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