Halloween Hokum

When the leaves started to change, over a month ago, I became excited about Halloween and began to think of costumes. Pretty disappointed with everything I came up with my thoughts fell to a category of old standbys, circus sideshow oddities. I settled on the bearded lady, bought some brocade fabric and began to work out a costume. Eventually I lost enthusiasm for the project and, of course, found myself rushing around last minute to finish it.
This is what I ended up with. I really wish I had taken a full length shot, but as usual, I didn't. I am, however, very pleased at how my hair and makeup turned out, this photograph shows what I accomplished.
I ended up going for a saloon gal sort of look, wearing and gold and black brocade bustle skirt I clumsily put together, an old corset and a black fur stole. I used crepe hair for my beard, which I had to get in brown as no nearby halloween store stocked red, and affixed the beard with liquid latex and spirit gum.

I used actual bearded ladies for some inspiration but based my beard on that of Lila from the HBO series "Carnivale".

While the costume was fun, it took a lot of explaining and thus became a pain. Turns out most people are not familiar with the bearded lady! Perhaps next year I'll choose a more obvious costume!

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