Vintage Specs: Boys don't make passes at girls that wear glasses

To put it simply, my eyesight is terrible. I haven't worn glasses my entire life, but I suspect that I needed them long before I was informed I did. When I was younger I detested needing glasses, I could never find a pair that I liked the looks of, so I usually opted for contacts. 

I still do wear contacts on a regular basis but from time to time I love to wear a pair of vintage specs. I have 3 pair of old glasses that I picked up at various antique and thrift shops and have had my optometrist replace their original glass lenses with new ones that meet my sight requirements. 
So far this has been quite an economical practice, all three pairs of frames and lenses have cost me what I have paid just for new frames in the past. 

I love how people respond to these frames. The most frequent comment I get, especially when wearing my hair with fringe, is that I remind people of a stern teacher they had in elementary school. As far as boys making passes, the specs deter a lot of various unwanted male attention, a bonus especially in the work place (I think this is mostly because it puts all my vintage dorkiness, which is "different" and thus "scary", out there even when I am not wearing a lick of vintage clothing).

Not only do I have a fun retro look with these glasses, I can see!

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