7 days, 18 hours, 7 minutes until Christmas

"Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how shiny are your branches"

The Christmas tree is perhaps my favorite holiday tradition. In fact, I don't think it could be Christmas unless my family trudged out into the snow covered woods, chopped down a pine tree, and dragged it a ridiculous distance to a borrowed truck. That said, it seems unlikely that I would have any sort of affection for an artificial tree but alas, I have a soft spot for all the kitsch and beauty that is an aluminum tree.
This is my second Christmas with this sparkly little number, and once again this year, I am in love. 6ft tall and constructed out of metal rods, aluminum "needles" and something resembling a silver broom stick with holes drilled in it, this tree adds a bit of whimsy to our holiday.
Last year I restricted the tree's decor to strictly pink vintage ornaments but this year I have chosen to display my favorite, and often most delicate, vintage ornaments of any color (though I must mention I love the look of the uniform red bulbs on the tree in the opening picture).

For a tree skirt this year I am using an old pink and peach chenille bedspread that is beyond bedroom use. This spread must have been beautiful when new, luckily, when it serves as a tree skirt you cannot see the gaping holes that plague its midsection.

A few of my favorite ornaments that line the branches of my aluminum tree.
Some, such as the bulb above, have very thin glass and a wonderful vintage "patina." Some ornaments made the tree simply because they look, and likely are, so fantastically old.

I look forward to the future in which this tree, along with the tradition live pine, stand majestically in my own home. Until then, the obnoxious colored front room of my parents house will do fine.

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