A Few of My Favorite Things, Christmas Listening

Christmas Listening
Each year I look forward to the old Christmas traditions, the tree, the gingerbread house, family gatherings. For the past few years a new tradition has evolved, a tradition that I look forward to very much, the Christmas programming on National Public Radio. This year I didn't get to listen to these stories until after Christmas but, I have found that I enjoyed them just the same as nothing can beat a good story.
Each year I look forward to listening to David Sedaris's Santaland Diaries. Sedaris recounts his experiences as an elf at Macy's revealing the awful and comical truth about what celebrating Christmas in the United States is all about. Listen Here.

John Henry Faulk's Christmas Story is a refreshing contrast to Sedaris's tale of materialistic America. Faulk retells the story of the "wonderfulest Christmas in the United States of America" and provides a glimpse into life in rural, impoverished, Texas. Listen Here.

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