Hair: Quick Daily Set

I've been pretty lazy with my hair lately, mostly setting it with hot rollers or leaving it natural (yuck). I've come up with this messy and quick set that leaves me with a vintage looking style in a pinch.

Starting with dry hair, I comb small sections with a comb that has been dampened with lottabody and water. I then roll the sections up and clip them in no particular direction. I do notice that I roll most of my curls counter clockwise on the right side and clockwise on the left as that is easiest and fastest for my wrist and fingers. Right now, as can be seen in the photographs, I use two foam curlers in my set. I am trying to grow out my fringe and I find the rollers give a nice relaxed wave to my short bangs (any attempts I have made at setting them with clips have resulted in a frizzy mess).
With this particular set, I left the clips in for a bit over an hour and tied my head up in a silk scarf, the same as I would if I were doing a set to sleep in. Had I been in more of a hurry, I would have sat under the dryer. This set tolerates a moderate amount of brushing and the curls generally withstand some wind and the wearing of a hat.

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