Home Sweet Apartment: Before and After

The last few months I have been busy, very busy. Now, not only do I understand the complexities and frustrations of remodeling, I have come to loathe wallpaper and linoleum. With all that loathing and hard work behind me I am both proud and pleased at the transformation that has taken place in my apartment.

Before, the hall was blah and beige.
The linoleum was very dated and the wallpaper pattern was very small and not to my taste.
To give the space a bit of a make over I added contrast to the space by putting down black and cream self-stick tiles. I also re-wallpapered the hallway in a fun retro pattern.
I'm still not entirely sure about the wallpaper/tile combination. Sometimes the hall feels a bit like a funhouse, the busy floor and walls seem dizzying, other times it feels warm and fun. No matter the feeling, I much prefer my after to my blah before.

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