How To Apply Make Up: a vintage tutorial

If you look around youtube, as I am sure you have, you'll notice the place is full of make up tutorials. Several tutorials attempt to demonstrate how to achieve the fresh faced, red lipped look of the 1940's and often do so with many products and lots of time. When I stumbled on this authentic tutorial from the 1940's I was amazed at the simplicity of it all. Never had I really considered how much cosmetics and the application of such products has changed over the last seventy years. I think this video also calls attention to how high the beauty bar has been set these days, with more creams and potions available now, it is possible to do more than enhance with make up, it has become possible to completely alter. I would love to smooth on some vanishing cream and powder, put on my lippy and head out the door but unfortunately my skin is in too poor of a state to benefit from such little work. Perhaps if I kept my beauty regime simple, the way it appears to be in this video, the state of my skin would improve a great deal.

Note the method for applying of rouge in this film, I must try it!

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