Home Sweet Apartment: Before and After II

Yet another post in the redecoration/renovation category to archive my efforts here at home. This time, a before and after of the bathroom. The bathroom was the first room I tackled and by far the most frustrating.
The original theme of the bathroom was blue, brown and floral. The wallpaper was vertical stripes of flowers and butterflies, the shower curtain and blinds a dusty blue and the floor a busy pink and taupe floral design. Nothing really matched, in fact I'd go as far as to say the floor and walls clashed in the worst way. My first step was to strip the wallpaper, which was harder than I had anticipated. I ended up damaging the dry wall in spots which drew out the project even more as I had to cover the damage before I covered the walls again.

To cover the scars made by the wallpaper removal I decided to add a rough texture to the walls for an "antiqued" look that the walls of an old building might have. In an attempt to tie the floor, which is not pictured (oops!), to the walls, I picked a peach paint for the wall color. I replaced the blue shower curtain and window covering with new chocolate brown drapes and show curtain, still not sold on this look but it will work until I find an alternative.

The best part about this room is the number of wonderful vintage pieces I was able to put in it. Pinups and old sheet music match my peach walls wonderfully! I also found an old decanter to hold my mouth wash and an old first aid table and matching ashtray to use as my makeup table and a plant stand! Despite the frustration early on in this redecorating endeavor, I loved re-doing this room and I am quite pleased with the results.

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