Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies I

Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and I am constantly trying new recipes trying to find the perfect cookie. While this is not my absolute favorite recipe, this is the newest chocolate chip cookie that I have made and it is rather delicious. Buttery and soft with a bit of crunch these cookies are certain to satisfy any sweet tooth.

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As usual, I cannot stick to a recipe. After making hundreds of different chocolate chip cookies I understand that a good chocolate chip cookie is not only good because of its texture and consistency but also because of the balance of salty and sweet that keeps you coming back for more.

To ensure a pleasing texture and consistency I used a touch of shortening in the cookies, replacing about a 1/4 cup of butter with butter flavored Crisco. I did not melt the Crisco but incorporated it in solid form with the melted butter, sugars, eggs and vanilla. Also, to ensure a soft cookie, I shortened the oven baking time to 10 minutes and allowed the cookies to sit on the cookie sheet until completely cooled so that they would continue to bake after being removed from the oven. To improve flavor I added a touch more salt and a touch more vanilla than the recipe called for. I also used my secret weapon, Fiori di Sicilia, in the cookies for a little twist of citrus. I find that the citrus flavor is a welcomed change of pace even for cookie connoisseurs like my grandfather.

My secret weapon.

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