Sunday Sweater

Yesterday I wore that sweater, the one that when I first laid eyes on it I thought it was so hideous, I knew I had to have it. The sweater was at the bottom of a pile of clothes at Mrs. Bolton's house , a little bit moth eaten and a little bit musty, it practically begged me to take it home. The tag on the sweater claims that it is "Angelon by Darlene" which means, from what I figure, this sweater is from the 1950s. The sweater is angora/wool with darling pearl buttons and a yellow, green, pink and brown floral pattern to it.
Yesterday, for an outing to see Alice in Wonderland, I paired the sweater with brown tweed wide leg trousers from Newport News, little black boots and a green pearl necklace. Simplicity is nice on a Sunday.

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