Warranted to be a Pendleton

Sometimes, mostly when you aren't looking, wonderful things find their way to you. In three weeks, three wonderful things have found their way to me in the form of Pendleton jackets.

My first Pendleton, the blue and red, caught me by surprise for a few dollars at an antique mall while I was shopping with my mother. "It's a Pendleton," my mother cried, "you have to try that on" and of course I did and of course I bought it. 

My second Pendleton, less than a week later, found me at my favorite store in Toronto, Tribal Rhythm. Red and green and a bit too big for me, I had to have it. I am wearing it today. 

And my third Pendleton found me today. The green and white plaid belongs to my grandma, grandpa gave it to her when they were going just going together. I can tell it means a great deal to her as she was hesitant to give it to me. 

Pendleton is something special. Ask anyone who is old enough and get ready for some sort of story about Pendleton. Either you had it or you didn't. Grandma P had it because Grandpa P gave it to her, a very special gift for his special gal. Grandma Mc couldn't afford it but bought the Pendleton fabric for an outrageous $12.95/ yard and used every scrap of that fabric to make skirts for her, her daughters and her daughter's dolls. I wore the Pendleton skirt she made when I was a toddler and it has since made its way to other little girls in the family. 


Pendleton is quality, these jackets might be 50+ years old but they are in immaculate condition. No stains, no rips, and not one big beautiful button missing. My grandmother and the other women that owned these Pendleton jackets must have cared for them a great deal. 

A jacket for a cool morning or a nice woolen top, worn with a belt, for a winter day, Pendleton is full of possibilities. What I love the most is they still make this classic '49er jacket.

I'm a sucker for plaid and these Pendleton jackets don't help my condition any. Whenever I slip into something checked I am reminded of the camping trip episode of I Love Lucy (Lucille Ball was a fan of Pendleton, often spotted in the  '49er).

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