Bolton's Bathing Suit

Somewhere in the layers of clothing piled on the bed at Mrs. Bolton's was something I had been wishing for since the beginning of my collecting..... a bathing suit. 

In preparation for a trip to the shore, I tried this little number on, just to make sure it still fit. Since my last post was all about bathing beauties, I thought I'd share my own suit with you. While I don't have the bust to fill it out, and have a bit too big of a bottom to fit in the suit, it is still fun to wear. Halter style with a metal zipper up the back and thick gathered material, this suit is authentic. 

Since I acquired the suit it has been to beaches in North Carolina, Georgia and Hawaii and been worn in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, as well as a few pools. I'm sure Mrs. Bolton never imagined this suit would go so many places especially more than half a century after it was in style. 

This coming week the suit travels yet again to North Carolina and for the first time, Virginia. 

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