Is anyone still reading this?

       Likely the answer to the question in my title is, no. And that's to be expected, 'cause I've been a bad, bad, blogger. Since my last post in May I've allowed my blog to collect dust while I've completely uprooted and rearranged my life. I gave some serious thought to just hitting the delete button on this whole project but now that things have settled down, and I'm a little settled in, I think it is time to dust off the ol' blog, pull the cobwebs from my paper moon, and start sailing over a cardboard sea once again. 

        So let me catch you up, dear reader. In the last few months I've fallen in love, quit my job, packed up some things and moved from my cozy apartment in upstate New York to a big house in coastal North Carolina to live with my beau. And in case you are wondering, or maybe you already know from reading the rest of the blog, this rather spontaneous move is a big deal for me! But also, let me tell you, this move was a great decision. I love it here and, I never thought I'd write this, I love living with this boy....... most of the time.


     I've been here over a month now and I've spent my time enjoying the beaches, fishing, exploring the area and most importantly, seeking out unique and unusual shops and good antique stores. After being an apartment dweller for 5 years, I'm enjoying, thanks to my guy,  having a yard, a garden and a generous sized house that has plenty of space for all that furniture we don't yet have. Being skeptical about love and relationships, I did not bring my furniture or many of my vintage gems from New York for fear that I would just have to pack things back up and haul them home. That said, my kitties moved in a week ago, making this arrangement a little more permanent which is both wonderful and frightening. 

       The South, though frustratingly hot and filled with dangerous spiders, is enchanting. Trees draped with moss, towering magnolias and blooming tropical plants that we can only dream of growing up north. One of the first weekends I was here I told my guy that we really shouldn't waste the beautiful day, and he said to me "honey, this is the South, they are all beautiful days" and really, he was right. Amazing.

Sunset at Rickety Dock: one of our favorite fishing spots

        So, now that I'm sailing once again, I invite you to check in often and explore enchanting coastal North Carolina with me. You can count on future posts about the good junk I find, projects I'm working on, my struggles to decorate our fishing themed home and my attempts to get an etsy store up running.

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