Green Gardens (most of the time)

After being sick all last week, I'm finally feeling better, in fact I even set my hair today! Tomorrow, in preparation for a visit from my parents, I start on the daunting task of weeding the garden, a project that I'm quite behind on. Since moving in I've added a few things to the garden but haven't planted anything in the ground in consideration of the landlord. Because of the limitations that have been placed on planting, I've had to come up with interesting and different planters and of course, being me, I've found some relatively cool old junk to plant things in.

Our house has officially been deemed the "fishing" house, so what better to decorate the garden with then vintage minnow buckets and tackle boxes. I was very happy to win this metal tackle box on ebay for little to nothing. I was even more excited to fill it with succulents when it arrived. The pink plant to the left of the box, a type of vinca, has decided to grow wild throughout the garden.

Once upon a time, my great grandma had a ceramic fish planter and once upon a time a little red headed girl broke it. I was happy to find another ceramic fish at a resale shop, not quite like grandma's, but close enough. Another minnow bucket, courtesy of my mother.

Japanese net floats and nautical drift wood and buoys add a nice touch to the garden as do seashells and stones for ground cover, kudos to the former occupant for collecting all the shells.

                                 I picked up a few vintage planters at a resale shop in the first days I was here. 
Cute but problematic.
With all these unusual makeshift planters, I've got to watch that things don't get over watered because they don't have proper drainage holes. 

I'm loving gardening this way, not only have I added character to my gardens but I've saved myself a load of money and saved some great old junk in the process. 

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