Coral Crush

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Attempting to look old fashioned: posing with my Columbia Rambler.
I apologize for the poor quality photos, still looking for that perfect picture spot in the new house.

I've had this dress for a number of years, yet another great find from the Salmanca Antique Mall, a stop that is definitely worth you while if you are ever near Salamanca, NY. While I've had this dress since spring of 2008, this is the second time I've ever worn it. Not sure why it gets ignored, once I put it and saw how nicely it fit, I decided it will no longer be overlooked. I think that my problem with the dress was a lack of proper accessories. Somewhere along the way, since the purchase of this dress, I acquired a little white belt which works well with the white detail on the chest of the dress(actually I'm pretty sure I stole it off another dress but hey, whatever works). Still in a quandary over shoes, I grabbed a pair of black and whites with a low chunky heel that were given to me by a friend. I'm pretty satisfied with the look, nothing fussy just a sweet coral colored dress and some fun shoes. In selecting this dress I realized exactly how much pink is in my wardrobe. Many of my vintage items are of a blush hue, strange considering that one of the rules of having red hair is to not wear pink, ah well, I've never been very good at following rules anyhow.

I can't post this without mentioning my hair in these photographs. While it's nothing spectacular and it certainly didn't hold up well through my drive with the windows down, I think I'm on to something. I've been itching to get my hair cut as it's gotten quite long lately but alas I must deny this urge and keep it long as I'm attending a ball later this fall and need the length for a proper elegant updo (more on this later). Anyhow, with the way my hair is cut now, terribly, I have a solid layer of hair that falls between my chin and shoulder and a layer that falls to about my bra strap. Ugh. This is what the mess looks like after a roller set but before styling, note the length.
Considering it was 92 degrees yesterday, once I unrolled the curlers  I couldn't bear the thought of leaving it down nor could I bear the thought of destroying fresh curls by putting it up. The result was a tolerable compromise. 

I achieved the shorter look in the pictures at the top of the page by pin curling the longer layer of hair along the nape of my neck. The pin curls are concealed by the shorter layer of hair giving the illusion of a shoulder length style. The best part about doing this is once the curl has fallen a bit, I unrolled the pin curls and was left with this look:

Better for evening, when the outdoor temperature is more reasonable. 

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