Hair 101: Hot Roller Set (a tutorial)

My camera is constantly running out of room, and rather than buy a new sd card or upload all my pictures to my computer, two sensible ideas, I end up deleting old pictures when I need room. I happened to need a little extra space on my camera last weekend and when I flipped through the pictures to delete them, I came to a conclusion: I love hot roller sets. 

In fact, some of my best hair days have been those when I'm short on time or just lazy and decide to throw a few hot rollers in my hair. Now hot rollers mind you, are a temporary solution to a constant hair dilemma. While full out wet sets are a bit more "permanent" or longer lasting, hot rollers can give you that quick fix like nothing else. Perfect for a few hours of class, a trip to the grocery store or unexpected company on a lazy Sunday.

A hot roller set:
It must have been a lazy day, I have glasses and that polka dot shirt on.

Since I've been meaning to do some actual video tutorials I figured why not do one on hot roller sets? I've had good results in the past setting this way and it is perhaps a quick and easy way to get my feet wet in the world of video tutorials. 

Now, I warn you that this tutorial is not perfect. If it was, my hair would turn out beautifully and I could better and more clearly explain exactly which direction I am rolling the roller and why. Most of my setting methods, hot roller setting included, are based on nothing except experience. No theory, no real knowledge, just the fact that this is how I've been doing it for several years now and this is how I will keep doing it until I stumble on a better way. 

We're you bored to tears? Consider yourself lucky that I kept it under five minutes (I had about five times that worth of footage). Unfortunately I couldn't speed up the film as I had wanted to, but hopefully you got the gist. Ah well, if you didn't learn anything at least you got to listen to some neat (and repetitive music) and me drone on about whether the section of hair goes under or over a roller.
Well, anyway, thanks for watching.

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