I Wish I Wish I Had a Fish: decorating the "fish house"

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To put it simply, my beau loves to fish and I, of course, love to decorate. When I first moved into the house I asked him, concerning the giant living room, "what would you like this room to look like?" to which he replied with a shrug, "fishing." Ah, who doesn't love a challenge. My boyfriend isn't all about vintage, he has a soft spot for the 1970's, the decade in which his mother is still stuck, but other than that he prefers modern furnishings. So with the decor up to me I decided to try and draw some vintage "fishing" themed pieces into the space. It's been difficult, but slowly it's coming along thanks to the magic of Ebay and Etsy. 

Here's a little show and tell of some of the things I've collected so far.

The Fish

Yes, they are dead and creepy but they add that certain fishing lodge charm to the house. Most of these fish date from the 1970's or earlier. And, yes, we are breaking all the rules not catching these fish ourselves, but hey, think of it as recycling.

The newest addition, a mounted bass, was won on ebay for the low, low price of $11.95. Unfortunately he wasn't shipped the best and I am skeptical that he'll remain attached to his wooden plaque. 

This fish is giant and he'll look lovely mounted on our giant empty wall! He was a surprise from my mother, she brought him when she came to visit over Labor Day. Apparently another great find from Salamanca Antique Mall. Since he is so big we must get dry wall anchors to hang him on the wall, headed to the hardware this evening. 

The pike was the first fish found, he's very old, so old in fact we had to glue his head back on.
He was found at one of my favorite antique store, Yesterday and Today Co op in Yorkshire, NY.

On to some less creepy fish. 

An old napkin/letter holder found at Recollections Antique Village in Monkey Junction, Wilmington, NC. Worth a stop if you're in the area!

Mackerel Pillow from OliveVintage on Etsy.
There was a red snapper pillow as well but it looks like it was purchased, too bad.

Fish coasters purchased on Etsy from Three Bridges Sewing Company

A modern fish for the wall from uncommon on Etsy

Fireplace fish, an impulse buy at Pier One. 

Slowly I've been accumulating things for the house and it's starting to look better, less empty. Right now it's an eclectic mix of modern, handmade and vintage. I hope to pull it all together with some local artwork and some vintage fishing photographs. There is still so much that I want to buy, this fish thing is turning into an obsession! I'll be sure to post a picture of the entire living room when it really starts coming together!

Headed here today, who knows maybe more fish things are waiting for me.

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