Admired: Ann Lee

The past week has found me in on the road, visiting family in New York and Ohio and enjoying the fall weather and beautiful foliage. My trip to Ohio took me to visit a great aunt of mine, Ann Lee. Aunt Ann is one of those women you've got to admire.
Aunt Ann in her college years.
Such a glamorous photograph, her mother, my great grandma, apparently hated it.

Born in 1933, she grew up through a time period I  absolutely adore and was affluent enough to have really enjoyed it. Married to a hard working, well off man eight years her senior, Aunt Ann lived what I've interpreted to be a glamorous life.
Visiting Aunt Ann is so entirely wonderful because her memory is so sharp she has some fantastic stories about her life and travels. She is the closest thing we have to a family historian and is able to tell me so much about relatives I never knew. She also has a house full of amazing things and family artifacts.

The living room looks like something out of a house keeping magazine.
Aunt Ann decorates this room thoroughly for each holiday and season.

The formal parlor, lots of family antiques here.

My favorite room, the dining room. The plate wall is unique, especially for a 78 year old woman. I'd love to emulate this someday.

I suppose that's it for now, just another one of those self indulgent posts to remember something that's special to me right now. Look for future posts concerning Etsy, formal hairstyling and home decor.

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