"My Clothes Are Haunted"

Finally it's feeling like fall around here and since it's already October, I'm trying my hardest to get excited for Halloween. As my favorite holiday, second only to Christmas, I'm usually chomping at the bit to get pumpkins and spiderwebs strewn about the house and to put a costume together. This year has been different, fall just doesn't feel like fall when temperatures are in the 80s and the leaves just turn brown and fall off the trees (I'm excited to visit New York for "real fall" later this week). 

Perhaps a little ghost story will help me get into the Halloween spirit. 

While poking around the internet I came across this story involving Florence Welch and a haunted vintage dress that she reported "sort of came to life around [her] as if the dress was fulfilling some sort of past dream."  Read the rest of the article here.

Have you ever considered who wore your vintage clothes, where they've been before they made it to you?

It's something I think about often. Of course I know where a lot of my old clothing came from, Mrs. Bolton's, but some of my favorite pieces, like the one's I've picked up in Toronto, I have no idea their past. 

Now, I've never had an experience like that of Florence Welch,  have you? And until that day I do not consider my clothes to be actually haunted but it's an interesting thought to entertain. Perhaps my favorite blue dress was the dress its last owner wore on the day she was proposed to or my favorite grey hat was worn by a local socialite  for an evening out on the town. 

Something else I think about often, do you suppose in seventy years people will be clamoring for what's fashionable today? I suppose Mrs. Bolton never thought that her clothes would do anything more than rot in her big old house and I'm sure she never thought someone would be wearing them again let alone toting them across the country and around the world. 

Just some thoughts to ponder on a chilly Monday. 

A peek inside Mrs. Bolton's house.  Kinda Creepy.

And now some more spooky pictures to go with our haunted clothes. 
Happy October. 

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