Beauty: Faux Eyelashes How-To

                 I'm such a big fan of fake eyelashes, ever since I started wearing them for ballet performances I've been hooked. I've worn faux lashes for high school dances, proms, halloween costumes, photo shoots.... anytime I think I can get away with them or have a need to feel extra glamorous, I'll put them on. I always keep a set around- nothing too long or too extravagant, just a set of natural looking lashes to thicken up and lengthen what I naturally have.

My false lashes at a photo shoot, noticeable yet natural looking.
(This is actually the photograph of me in the sidebar, above my bio)

Despite the countless number of times I've applied false lashes, I still do not have the process down. Each time it's a fiasco, I end up with watering eyes, uneven lashes and a whole lot of frustration. As I intend to wear lashes this weekend and I'm sure I'm not alone in my frustration, I've found some helpful information on how to apply faux eyelashes that might be helpful in my application and perhaps yours!

The site Vintageortacky has some wonderful advice on eyelash application and a video on youtube to demonstrate her advice. The idea is that you apply the eyelash glue directly to the lash line, which differs from the traditional method of application as she will tell you, and then you apply the lashes after the glue has become tacky. This method allows you to apply the lashes more evenly and closer to the lash line.

This tutorial is pretty good, the gal is absolutely adorable and her demonstration is quite thorough, 
in fact she even has a video tutorial on how to remove and care for lashes too (visit her youtube channel for that). 

Note that she bends and shapes the lashes before application and also recommends trimming the lashes from the outside in. Also note that she has applied eyeliner to her lid before she applies the lashes and after application she touches up her liner. Mascara is also applied to the natural, and artificial lashes, after the faux lashes have been applied.

I've never applied my lashes this way, putting the glue on the eyelid instead of the faux lashes and I've always had trouble. This time I will try this method, she makes it look so easy.

A great example of vintage faux eyelashes, I Dream of Jeannie.

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