Deck the Halls

Keeping up with the Christmas theme I established yesterday with my Christmas Listening post, I'd like to show you how I've decorated the mantle at the fish house in North Carolina. 

One thing I do actually really love about this house is the antique mantle that's nestled around the fireplace. What a wonderful spot a mantle makes to create holiday displays and while I tried to make a display for Halloween on the mantle, nothing can compete with my Christmas decor.

Again, I find myself on a very limited budget, I cannot wait until the holidays are over and I can finally start seriously searching for meaningful employment. So, having a limited budget, I went of course to the dollar store and picked up a few plastic ornaments and a box of epsom salt.

 I also took a walk into the woods and clipped some pine greenery because nothing looks or smells as good as real pine. Of course North Carolina is brimming with pine but not the kind I'm used to. Long needled Pond Pine and Loblolly Pine as well as Cedar grow readily here and also make an interesting statement in holiday decor.

This fish display is on the mantle all the time, I just placed ornaments and greenery around it. 

Believe it or not, this candle was once orange but seeing as orange isn't too Christmas-y I decided to paint it gold and roll it in epsom salt. 
The epsom salt is a wonderful way to make things look like they are covered and snow and ice crystals. I've applied epsom salt to the cedar bough behind the candle as well. All you need is a bit of spray adhesive and some salt and there you have it- instant snow. 

Little vintage bonhomme de neige sent to me by my mom.
So excited to have one vintage item among my Christmas decor here, I couldn't justify transporting my tinsel tree and such since I am headed back to WNY for Christmas. 

Harry Lauder is the most amazing plant, it looks great in the garden and wonderful in the house as decor.
Thanks to my dear friend Erin for this wonderful idea.

In the foreground: This ornament puts me in mind of Dorothy's ruby slippers. 
In the background: I'm so lucky to have an ample supply of holly berries on the property, they are a wonderful  and festive addition to the greenery!

More holiday decor coming soon! 
I've yet to make a wreath for the door and decorate the entry, can't wait!

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