How Shiny Are Your Branches

In preparation for my Christmas return to WNY and the apartment, on Sunday I set up my aluminum tree. Have you ever set one of these up? Each branch must be removed from it's protective paper sleeve and then inserted into drilled holes in what looks like a silver broom stick. There are, of course, a variety of sizes of branches that you must sort out and decided what length to put where.

To be honest, the assembly of my aluminum tree is a pain but as I mentioned last year, it has become a christmas must and a great way to display my favorite vintage ornaments. 

This year I set up the tree in the tiny living room of the apartment, which complicated the task even further as I was working in a tight space. When I finished, I was of course pleased. How could I not be? Aluminum trees seem to ooze Christmas magic. I always wonder who had this tree before me and how many holidays were made complete by setting up this glistening gem.

I also set up another shiny little tree and invented a new holiday, "Robot Christmas".

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