The New Year is Nigh

Christmas Eve in NY
With the chaos of Christmas behind us, it feels good to finally look into 2011 unburdened by the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. 
This new year looks to bring some welcome and needed changes for me.
 After six months spent scrubbing pots and floors as a stay at home girlfriend and seven watching good money lost to rent the fish house, I'm ready for a new job and a more permanent abode (in which I can paint the walls and plant shrubs in the yard). As for resolutions, my expectations for myself in the year ahead are the same as they always are: get more organized, learn to cook better, read, live more simply, think more positively. What's different about this new year is that I'm entering it with someone beside me as I never have before. In the last couple months our relationship has become real (and I suspect will become more so as I spend more time outside of the house) but for once I feel as though I'm on the right track, moving forward with someone that has a good, rational head on his shoulders that can balance out the absurdity in me. 
So, in these dark, final days of December, I turn my face to the light of the new year, prepared to greet 2011 with high hopes and open arms. 

Best Wishes for a New Year 

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