Beware of the Little Flaws that Make One Homely

For ages, in fact for about two thousand years, women have participated in the ritual of applying cold cream. Said to have originated in second century Greece, women have been using an emulsion of fats and water to both cleanse and moisturize their skin.....forever.

Aren't these old cold cream ads a hoot? 

Ladies of the day are to be wary of both "the finger of time" and "the little flaws that make one homely." I think you'd be hard pressed to find the word homely in any of the advertisements of today.

The cold cream ritual is one of those things that make me glad I'm a gal. Smoothing that luxurious cream over my skin makes me feel so glamorous and during the winter, cold cream is my skin's savior, without it I suspect my face would dry up and fall right off!

Over the years I've read many negative things about cold cream, its pore clogging effects, the negative effects of mineral oil, which most modern cold cream contain as well as many other gripes about the product. But I figure, two thousand years of use can't be wrong! Have you ever seen an elderly lady who has fantastic skin? Of course, and she likely owes it all to a good skin care regime that probably began or ended with cold cream.

So, do you indulge in the wonders of cold cream?

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