Coat & Hat

Sometimes things just come together effortlessly, like this coat and hat. 

About a year ago this coat came to me by way of a wealthy older lady who wanted to rid her closet of unworn clothes. While most of her items were from the 1970s and have made their way into my Etsy shop, this jacket is one of those things I couldn't part with. I absolutely love the color and styling of this coat, it has the sweetest buttons and scalloped trim plus it fits like a glove!

 Ignore my strange face and crazy hair,
check out the top button and the scalloped edge of the jacket.

I had been pairing this jacket with a grey scarf and my favorite grey hat, which looked nice enough. But when I found this hat at a shop in WNY**, I had to have it. In fact, after buying it, I switched out my grey hat for this one, right there in the store! They look like they belong together!

 Even if I did not have a jacket this hat matched, I would have still been tempted to buy it. With the silver and pearl detail and interesting shape, it was too adorable to pass up. 

What do you think about how I am wearing the hat? It always looks like it is backwards to me but interior bow and tag indicate this is the proper way to wear it.

I wore this hat and coat to a local flea market on Sunday and received so many compliments! I always feel strange wearing my vintage ensembles here, especially my coats and hats, because despite the snow behind me, North Carolinian's do not wear coats! And, if they do, it's usually a ski coat or some lovely pink and purple jacket from the 80s. 
Anyhow, my trip to the flea market was lovely and I found a few things for the house that I'm sure you'll see, as always, in future posts.

**The shop where this hat was found has a wonderful website with lots of great vintage items! I invite you to browse around Wallflower Vintage and if you happen to be in WNY, you can stop in and try on any items you find online (probably best to call ahead first though since they don't display all their vintage items in the shop).

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