Film: Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day

Monday, January 24, 2011

Since my boyfriend is going to be gone for awhile, I've added some wonderful films that I've been meaning to see to my Nexflix queue, the kind of films that he wouldn't exactly enjoy. When Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day came out in 2008, I really wanted to see it but never made it to the theater. Thank goodness for Netflix because I absolutely loved this movie.

First of all, this film has lead me to decided that Amy Adams is one of my favorite actresses right now. She's absolutely adorable, not to mention her wardrobe in this film is amazing! In fact, this is just a beautiful clothing movie in general.

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Even when Miss Pettigrew is down on her luck, her wardrobe is lovely- check out the neckline on that frock! I of course want a peignoir like that of Miss Delysia, I absolutely adore the color and the ostrich feathers,  so glamorous!

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My favorite outfit of Delysia's has to be the blue one. The hat is amazing and I love the belt and ruched sleeves and of course the color, there is something about a blonde/strawberry blonde in light blue. Miss Pettigrew's dress is so sweet, in fact I have a very similar dress in a lovely purple that I found at Mrs. Bolton's, unfortunately portions of it have been sun bleached and moth eaten (this is what happens when clothes are left to sit for decades in a heap on a bed). I love the waistline and the cuffed sleeves of this dress, it looks wonderful on Frances McDormand!

There are many more dresses in this film that I adore, Delysia's gold dress, Miss Pettigrew's blue velvet dress, but I'd like to move on to the set. Not only is this a great costume film, this is a great set film. 

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Delysia's apartment is incredible, so lavish! I'd move right in!

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So, while the film has it's historical inaccuracies and has a very predictable storyline, it is so beautifully done that if you, like me, didn't get to see it when it premiered, watch it now!

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