Hair: Lucille Ball

Last Saturday I got caught up in an I Love Lucy marathon and discovered, once again, that I do in fact love Lucy, what a lady. A few days later as I was refreshing the henna in my hair I was inspired to once again try my hand at styling my hair like hers (to see my other attempt, click here).

Here is what I ended up with:

I like how this turned out! 
Though looking back at these pictures I can see there are things I would change, but I think the style is quite similar to Lucy's. 
It also reminds me of the original barbie doll!

So, since this style turned out well, I figured I'd share how I achieved it, just in case you'd like to duplicate it!

What you'll need:
damp hair
foam rollers- lots of small/medium size
comb and brush
a couple large clips (to section the hair off)
bobby pins

I began by separating the forelock (what would be the bangs/fringe) from the rest of the hair and clipping it out of the way.  I then start wrapping small sections of hair from the sides of my head around the second smallest size foam roller. I tried to make sure that the rollers were vertical on the sides once they were set, horizontal in the back and on the top of my head. In the back I used my medium sized rollers (and some pin curls because I ran out) and on top I used the very smallest rollers I had.

I slept on the rollers overnight and removed them carefully in the morning.
The result was a bit crazy and a little orphan Annie-eque.
(forgive the lack of make up and bathrobe throughout these photos)

Next I carefully separated the curls on top with a wide toothed comb and then brushed the rest of my hair gently. It is particularly important not to brush the curls out of the hair especially on top, the curlier the better. 
Next I started to pull the hair on the sides of my head back in small sections, the goal being to make a sort of pony tail. Here I am beginning the pinning process.  As you can see I've already separated the small curls in the forelock.

After I finished pinning the hair up, I began to manipulate the forelock. I played with the curls in the front for quite a bit trying to achieve the appropriate poodle-y look. I went about this with really no rhyme or reason and often used the comb to shape the curls the way I wanted them. The tight curls can be molded easily, they cling to each other like velcro!

This is definitely a fun hair style but one that I don't think I will wear too often. Like Lucy, this 'do is over the top and pretty recognizable and while I do love Lucy, I'd rather not look like I'm desperately trying to resemble her. 
Definitely something to keep in mind for a costume party!

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