All Banged Up

From Louise to Bettie and beyond, bangs have always been stylish. 
(I'm especially digging Tallulah's bangs, bottom- center)

I've always had a things for bangs, especially thick, long, straight eyebrow grazers.
(Apparently I find that this style looks best on brunettes)
Unfortunately this style is unrealistic for my very thick, wavy hair.

Though I never really blogged about it, I did attempt a vintage style fringe a couple summers ago.
To be honest, these bangs didn't suit me at all and it was a pain to style and maintain. 
After struggling to work with these bangs for several months I finally decided to let them grow out, swearing off bangs forever.

But lately I've been hearing a different beat and I've decided to march to it. After almost five years of pin curls and curlers, I think I'm done. Sure I'll set for a special occasion but for the day to day, I'm going natural and for some reason, I'm going there with bangs.
 Still a work in progress but, hey, change is good and it's been ages
since I've worn a wash and go style (I've forgotten my hair is actually curly!)

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