Coastal Blues

While it's still snowing back in my hometown in Western NY, it has been absolutely glorious here (well except for the tornadoes).  The best part about great weather? Good clothes. I'm so happy that I am able to wear my favorite spring and summer dresses this early in the year. One of my favorite dresses, that I have yet to post about, is this little blue beauty.

With rick rack trimmed pockets and lovely darts, this dress is so darling, I just couldn't resist it. Like the dress I wore on my birthday, this dress came from my trip to Toronto, Ontario, specifically the wonderful Kensington Market neighborhood of the city. Like the coat and hat I posted a few months ago, this dress is that color blue that I love so much and see so often here on the coast.

Here I am last Friday, wearing this dress, on my way to a beer tasting with my beau.
Thank goodness for the blooming azaleas behind me, they distract from the doofy look on my face and my frizzy hair. Aren't the flowers pretty?
oh the woes of unset hair, so inconsistent!
 This was a hurried outfit. I threw on a white belt because the dress is a little roomy, a white cardigan because it isn't that warm out, and my favorite black and white shoes. When I left the house I was feeling good,  this is one of those dresses that is just so comfy and pretty you can't help but feel good when you wear it!

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