Admired: Ann Lee, again

Last October I posted about visiting my great aunt, Ann Lee, in Ohio. Right now my aunt is making her annual visit to New York and sadly I'm not there to see her. As usual, Aunt Ann has brought a myriad of family photos, she's the unofficial family historian you see, and my mom, knowing how much I love this old stuff, was so kind to pass along a number of them.

There are so many photos I want to share with you but mostly, since I know we're all interested in vintage clothing and ladies of the day, I want to share the ones of my aunt.

In fact, let's watch Ann Lee grow up:

Quintessential washtub photo, with a cute dog to boot! 
Must keep this one in mind to recreate with my own children someday, if that day ever comes : )

Aunt Ann and my grandfather, John.
This little boy grew up to be this man.
And don't you just love Aunt Ann's playsuit?!

Aunt Ann and Grandpa once again, this time on a fantastic car!
Aunt Ann seems to have worn pigtails often as a girl, her addition of flowers here make this an extra special photo!

John, Ann and their brother, Richard- my great uncle who we call Dick. 
Teenage Aunt Ann has such lovely shoes on, and look at her hair! What nice coats the three of them have, why don't we dress children like this anymore? I especially like Grandpa John's little peacoat and his expression. 
Love this photo, can't go wrong with a kitty in the picture!

Aunt Ann all grown up. Here she is on her graduation day, isn't she lovely? I wish this photograph wasn't so washed out so we could see her dress better, though I must say her belt is really sweet.

Aunt Ann and her first born, Lee Ann, with my great and great, great-grandmother. 
Check out those glasses on Aunt Ann! And those shoes!

I am having such a wonderful time looking through all these old family photos and I hope you've enjoyed seeing more of my lovely great aunt! I always find photographs of ordinary people so interesting, but photographs of people that mean something to me are even more fascinating. 

Perhaps I'll share a few of my great grandfather next, he was such a handsome and well dressed man!

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