Earworm: Elvis Presley Blues

This is not a "vintage" earworm, per say, but it's an earworm of mine worth mentioning:

One steamy evening in June, several years ago now (when I was still living in Toronto), I had the pleasure of spending the evening listening to some amazing music in the lovely Canon Theatre. I was there to see the headliner, Bright Eyes, but was blown away by the opening act- Gillian Welch and her partner David Rawlings.
I was captivated: Welch's voice was rich, powerful, like no other I'd heard and Rawlings had such a way with the guitar! Watching the two of them play was like catching two people in an intimate act- they were just so passionate about their music....it was incredible.

While Bright Eyes was great as well, that night is forever wrapped in a hazy, humid memory of two figures on stage strumming out the sounds of the Appalachians.

Here's a song I remember from that night and that pops into my head from time to time:

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