Happy June

         Growing up in the snow belt of Western New York State teaches you to be thankful for every sunny summer day because some years sunshine, even in summer, is a rare sight. Living here in North Carolina, where just about everyday is a beautiful summer day, my life has maintained that northern sense of urgency regarding the weather. Each morning that sun comes up, I'm up early to welcome in the day, dressing in a hurry and heading outdoors trying not to squander a moment of that lovely weather. At some point, once my silly brain recognizes the surplus of nice weather here, I suppose this feeling will wear off but I hope not too much, I'd hate to take anything for granted, especially the weather.

        Some of my fondest memories of home are those early summer mornings when the dew is still fresh, the sun filters through the trees, and the promise of a "scorcher" hangs in the air. These are the kind of mornings spent at the auction.
           Gentner's Community Market, as it's formally called, is a summer staple. Located on a hill in Springville, NY, the market has been operating once a week since '39, I do believe, and is a mixture between flea market and livestock auction. At the "auction," as we fondly call it, you can buy anything from a chicken, to Amish baked goods, to vintage clothing and antique furniture. Some of my best vintage finds have been on the hill at Gentner's and let me assure you, everything I've bought has been a steal of a deal. This is a simple country market, people charge honest prices and are always willing to haggle. And if you're interested in seeing a big pig or fancy chicken, head to the big red barn, there you can view all sorts of animals that are waiting for the evening livestock auctions. Visiting the barn is an auction tradition for us, no visit is complete without walking through and seeing what interesting animals are for sale.

 I look forward to visiting the auction when I go home in July and I'll be sure to snap a few photos of the place to share when I go. And, may I suggest, if you're ever in the vicinity of Buffalo, NY, on a summer Wednesday, make the drive south to Springville for the auction, it's a great time and a glimpse into how things used to be in rural America.

And now here's a song, and the real point of this post, that always puts me in mind of those dewy summer mornings spent on Gentner's hill in Springville, June Hymn, by The Decemberists (love this band!!).

And once upon it
The yellow bonnets
Garland all the lawn
And you were waking
And day was breaking
A panoply of song
And summer comes to Springville Hill

Happy June!

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