Pretty in Pearl

Normally I'm a red nails gal, I like to keep it simple when it comes to nail polish and what's more simple and classic than the color red? I've been relying on red for years and well, it's gotten a bit boring.  So, the other day, while in the drug store, a bottle of polish caught my eye that wasn't red and you know what? 
I bought it. 
Sally Hansen (not my brand of choice, but it was cheap) in Precious Pearl 
Immediately after I made the purchase I thought, with a twinge of guilt, "this isn't vintage at all." 
Well, it turns out it just might be, check out these great ads from the 1950s.

I love this ad, it's so glitzy and the text is great, it reads:

So exciting, it almost whistles!
This season, "jewel" 
your finger tips with
fabulous new Pearl Cutex...
most dazzling, man-stealing
magic that ever sparkled 
'neith the summer sun or stars !

If you're not meek..... if you're not mild.... then wear it, dare it!

This next ad is just so pretty. As you can see the model's pearly polish is quite pink and looks to match her lips! And of course I love the fact she is posing with a shell!
So I guess my iridescent "precious pearl" isn't that modern after all! 

It's a subtle color, a sweet iridescent pink that looks natural in some lights and pearly in others.  Turns out this polish is very tough to photograph, but I gave it a go. 

(I apologize for the stubby nails, gardening and tire repair resulted in a few broken nails this week so I trimmed them all down.) 

I have by no means given up the red but this is a sweet, simple shade for summer 
and a nice change of pace for this boring one nail polish gal.

What shades of polish do you prefer?

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