Life at the Sea

Where the river meets the sea
Sunday morning my boyfriend and I woke up early to fish in the cool hours of the day (cool is a relative term, it was 80 degrees at 5 am). We went to the beach under dramatic stormy skies and watched as the sun slowly broke through turning a dark early morning into a beautiful sunny day. I didn't catch much, I was too busy running around taking pictures. I am officially in love with this time of day, it's an incredible feeling to be the first to discover what treasures the tide has washed ashore. 

A lady Blue Crab (deceased).  Female blue crabs have orange claws, males do not. Just like a lady to paint her nails! 

Cannonball Jellyfish (also called Jellybomb and Cabbage head jelly), a favorite snack of sea turtles, frequent our beaches and water. 

Here's a video I made during the spring of the Atlantic Coquina, a bivalve mollusk that digs itself into the sand with a powerful "foot". Coquinas have the most beautiful pastel shells; the interior, visible after the creature has died, is also a beautiful deep purple.

 Forgive the shaky quality that this video has, it is made of photographs strung together.
The song featured is from the surrealist film Un Chien Andalou 

 I made this video for my little cousin who enjoyed collecting these shells not realizing that they were alive. When her pretty little shells began to smell, she realized she had committed coquina genocide; she now picks up only open and empty shells when she visits the beach.

That's all for today, just wanted to share a bit of the sea with you. 
Tomorrow my beau and I travel inland to Denver, Colorado. 

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