Admired: Roseanna

Next month, my grandparents will celebrate fifty years of marriage (wow!). Recently my mother and I have been working on a gift for their anniversary, a photo album that spans their fifty years together. Since my grandparents never kept their photos organized, I have never seen many of the photographs that I am putting into the album. Turns out, my grandpa loved to use the camera so there are plenty of photos of my grandma and I am just smitten with all of them!

My favorite photo, Grandma at the beach!
Why didn't anyone ever tell me I looked like my grandma!?! Not only do we have the same bathing suit, our legs are the same!

Grandma has naturally straight hair so she must have set her hair in this photograph and the one below. 

The photo above is certainly not the most flattering but isn't Grandma's dress lovely!

Grandma and Grandpa planting a tree (probably 1962, it looks like Grandma is pregnant with my dad!) 
Grandma is just too cute with that scarf on her head!

Another great dress! If only she had saved her wardrobe!

Okay, and I couldn't resist posting this one. This is me! And my grandma, of course. 

I apologize in advance for all the family photos I post! I can't help it! I love old photos and they're even better when they're of people I know! I'll try to find something more interesting to post soon (I promise).

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