Thoroughly Modern Ginger

Sometimes, when I like an outfit, I'll wear it a bunch or make several variations of the ensemble until I get bored with it. Right now I'm in love with a belt and necklace, neither of which are vintage, and I'm having fun creating outfits that incorporate these pieces. 

The thoroughly modern outfit below features the necklace and belt, my longtime favorite skirt (from Newport News), a department store top and my trusty tan shoes. I wore this outfit to see the new Captain America movie!
It was so humid yesterday, the camera was fogging up!
photos courtesy of my beau, thank you!

This outfit looks familiar right? Maybe a little bit like the outfit I put together with my altered skirt? Yeah, I'm not a very creative dresser. If I like the way something feels and looks, I'll wear it again and again. 
I cannot explain my recent attachment to the belt and necklace. I found both items when I went back to WNY, they were in a drawer with other accessories I had left behind, and as soon as I saw them I was attached. They kind of have a western feel don't they? Turquoise, silver, brass and that warm leather make me think of western/equestrian style. 

close up of belt and skirt, the necklace, trusty tan shoes, and earrings (from the Roycroft)

Thanks for stopping by, hope you all are having a great weekend!

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