Haunted Western New York: Shea's Buffalo

The stage currently
You stand in the empty theatre taking in the beauty that is Shea's: the Czechoslovakian crystal chandeliers, the intricate ceiling, the Baroque inspired architecture, the red velvet seats- it's all so decadent. 

The Stage 1926
Suddenly, you are aware that you are no longer alone in admiring this grand space but you have been joined by a distinguished gentleman, he asks "isn't it wonderful?" and indeed it is.


You turn to engage him in conversation about the theatre's grandeur, the upcoming performance or performances past, but he has vanished.

This has been the experience of many who have stopped to admire the theatre.
 Many theatre employees have stories about being joined by a mustached gentleman who asks this question and simply disappears. 

 Those that have seen him swear he has a striking resemblance to Michael Shea, the original owner of the theatre.


Shea's Buffalo, now Shea's Preforming Arts Center, was the crowning jewel in Michael Shea's crown. Shea owned many theaters but none so grand as his Buffalo Theatre. 

Shea's Buffalo, 1940
Opened in 1926, Shea's originally showed silent films. These days Shea's is the host of many touring broadway plays and musicals.

For more on the haunting of Shea's, press play:

Less than three weeks to Halloween! 
I hope these ghost stories are helping to get you in a spooky mood!

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