Black, White and Red All Over

This was my outfit for my last day of substitute teaching for the year. 

Despite the fact it was seventy degrees yesterday and feeling most un-Christmas-like, 
I wanted to wear something festive. 

Jacket: Mrs. Bolton
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Yonge St., Toronto
Blouse & tights: Department store

ah! so wrinkly after a long day at school

The Jacket
As usual, I chose something from Mrs. Bolton's closet: a red jacket with black trim and gold buttons by Vicky Vaughn Junior. The Vicky Vaughn line was the junior line sold by R&M Kauffmann, an Illinois company that started making the Vaughn line in the late 1930s. 
I am guessing this jacket is from the 60s.

The Skirt
The skirt I paired with Mrs. Bolton's red jacket is a black and white, houndstooth, pleated skirt from Avon Fashions. I had no ideas Avon made clothing but after a quick google I found several Avon garments listed around the internet, most from the 1980s. 
I found this skirt, along with several similar ones, at the convent-run thrift store near my college. 
That thrift store was always packed full of high waisted, classic looking garments- thank goodness for nuns!

The Shoes
I love red shoes and these were my very first pair! I picked these little beauties up for $5 when I was living in Toronto. The ancient asian man running the shop stretched the right shoe so it would better fit my big foot (my right foot is nearly a size bigger than my left)! For so cheap, these shoes are oh so comfortable and their little wedge heels are perfect for being on my feet all day. 

The Accessories

My mom bought this lovely Christmas pin for me when I was home for Thanksgiving. I've been wearing this pin to work all week and it's amazing how fascinated students are by it! Like red lipstick, I imagine broaches are something kids don't see their mothers wear- many students wanted to know where they could buy a pin like mine (perhaps there is hope for this generation after all!). 

As you can see, I've set up my aluminum tree- more on that soon!

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