Wreath Woes

If you happened to read my last post, you may recall that I had found a number of vintage ornaments to create a "funky, non-traditional Christmas wreath." In total, there were four, large, glittery ornaments I intended to use but, as you can see, only two actually made it on the wreath. 

less Christmas and more Mardi Gras, eh?

Six lovely vintage ornaments were sacrificed in the making of this wreath- even after I had finished glueing and the wreath was hanging on the door, ornaments continued to break- it was disastrous.

Finally, I think I've got the wreath under control. In fact, all ornaments have remained safely fastened to the wreath for a week now, but, with the luck I've been having, I wouldn't be surprised if an errant bird just decided to smash into the door and ruin the entire thing. Sigh.

Hope your holiday prep is coming along better than mine!

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